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LifeTime Support
We are proud that when you take home a puppy from us, our relationship with you continues. As a responsible breeder, knowledgeable puppy advisors, and ardent puppy enthusiasts, we’d like to think that nothing can ever go wrong with our puppies. But there are some things we can never control. Numerous factors, including genetics, exercise, food and nourishment, and general care, affect a puppy’s health. We always try to assist if something goes wrong, frequently even if our guarantee doesn’t cover it. Although we can’t promise that your puppy won’t experience any health issues, We promise to use every effort to make sure your new family member is healthy! We appreciate being your lifelong friends in the puppy world. Full grown teacup miniature dachshund.
Our Health Guarantee:
While we do not think your puppy can be replaced, we do think that occasionally having another furry friend around can help to ease the pain. If a puppy is discovered to have a congenital or hereditary disorder within the first two years of its life, or if the puppy’s health is negatively impacted by such disorders, we will replace the pet with one of equal value at no additional cost to you. These are extremely rare occurrences. A certified veterinary should confirm the cause of death. If, within ten years of the puppy’s birth, genetics causes the puppy to die, we will credit 70% of the initial cost toward the purchase of a comparable replacement puppy. A certified veterinary should confirm the cause of death. American bully xl puppy.
What we need from you:

Nothing makes us happier than knowing that we were able to provide you with a happy, healthy puppy. To make sure your puppy stays healthy, we do ask for your assistance. Here are some actions that will be beneficial: After receiving your puppy, please send us a copy of the examination (medical record) within two business days. A licensed veterinarian is required to conduct the examination. All of your puppy’s immunizations are current and age-appropriate, so make sure not to give them any shots during the first ten days of their arrival. the regular upkeep and medical care of your pet, including all advised tests and vaccinations.
We’ll deworm and vaccinate your puppy up until the departure date, but until then, please continue deworming and giving your dog regular checkups until the dog is at least nine weeks old (or until the vet recommends). cream miniature dachshund.

Exceptions to our Guarantee:
We are unable to guarantee your new puppy’s conformation, temperament, size, weight, color, markings, or ability to breed. If a breed is overweight and known to be at risk for hip dysplasia, there won’t be any replacements. This guarantee will be nullified if your puppy does not receive timely vaccinations or ongoing veterinary care. Any expenses related to spaying or neutering, including tests that are still undecided, are not covered by this guarantee. cream miniature dachshund .
Best breeds puppies

Our main goal is to bring together healthy  puppies we Breed across the country to families ready to adopt and welcome them into their home at very affordable and fantastic prices
We take out time to observe and make sure our  puppies are up to standard, health wise before we can breed them. We make sure our bitch to breed from is calm, friendly, and gentle for breeding. 


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