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Black American Bully XL


You want a puppy?

We appreciate you looking at our website.
1. Go to our page with available puppies and select the puppy you are interested in by clicking “CLICK ON ADOPT PUPPY” at the bottom of the puppy. You will be taken to a page with the necessary information to fill out. Black american bully xl. 

2. We will get back to you within a maximum of less than six hours of receiving your inquiry. An Adoption Agreement is available for purchase, along with additional information and images. Dachshund puppies.

3. After all parties have reached an agreement and the necessary funds have been received, complete the necessary paperwork, have your puppy’s last-minute routine checkup performed by a licensed veterinarian, and schedule the flight for Monday, Wednesday, or Friday (you can choose the day that works best for you).
4. After the flight is scheduled, we will send you the flight number, the arrival and departure dates and times, and all the information you need to pick up your puppy when it arrives. All black american bully xl.
5. Our staff will give you a call 24 hours after takeoff to make sure your puppy arrived safely and that you have accepted possession of them. dachshund puppies for sale.
6. It is customary to take your puppy for a routine check-up with the veterinarian within 48 hours of his or her arrival. We appreciate you and hope to have a friendly relationship with you and your new puppy. REMEMBER: Every puppy that leaves our care is and will remain a member of our larger family. American bully xl / dachshund  breeders.
Best breeds puppies

Our main goal is to bring together healthy  puppies we Breed across the country to families ready to adopt and welcome them into their home at very affordable and fantastic prices
We take out time to observe and make sure our  puppies are up to standard, health wise before we can breed them. We make sure our bitch to breed from is calm, friendly, and gentle for breeding. 


Shipping Hours

Monday – Friday : 8am – 7pm

Saturday: 9am – 4pm

Sunday: Closed

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