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Introducing a puppy to its new Owner:
 A new puppy, especially one from us, brings happiness and coziness to everyone. People can experience positive psychological and health effects from having a puppy as a companion. When a puppy joins the family, even elderly cats and dogs seem to cheer up. Puppies are wonderful because they are so selfless in their love, affection, and devotion. American bully xl puppy.
1.)Puppy Gear
To get off to a good start with your new puppy, you’ll need, Health History… every medical record from the pet’s past, if any. Recognition… We advise using a TAG in addition to a Microchip ID. Healthy Food We suggest using premium puppy food, like Royal Canine. You feed your pet puppy food until it is approximately 12 months old. The pet should be fed adult dog food when it is 12 to 18 months old. Bowls of food and water That is easily sanitizable. A shipping container For a bed, for transit, or both. (Inquire about the one we have available at a reduced price). wire haired dachshund puppies for sale.
2.) A harness, leash, and chewing toys.
These physical issues are similar to those you might experience if you were relocating and are frequently brought on by inevitable stress. The puppy might not sleep or eat as frequently as it would in more comfortable surroundings, just like it would not. While some puppies adjust to their new homes with ease, others might find it more difficult. Ignoring stress-related issues can lead to secondary issues that can worsen and even endanger life. Anytime the puppy appears lethargic or loses its appetite, call us for advice. Getting the puppy to eat is one of the most vital goals. American bully xl puppy.
3.)Diet Changes
Whenever possible, a dog’s diet should always be changed gradually. Digestive issues can arise from sudden dietary changes. Puppies in particular may refuse to eat an unfamiliar food, or they may experience diarrhea that causes dehydration and other problems. To avoid upset stomachs, diet adjustments should be made gradually over a period of three to five days. wire-haired dog breed.
You could dab some honey in the puppy’s mouth or on a dish to encourage it to drink and lower the risk of low blood sugar (be careful, too much honey will suppress the appetite). Once you’ve tried these approaches and the puppy still won’t eat, you could try gently warming the food. Many foods have an outer layer of “flavor” that intensifies their appeal when reheated. The majority of foods can be reheated in the oven, microwave, or by immersing them in warm water or broth for a short while. If your puppy doesn’t eat within 12 hours of going to its new home, let the hospital know. american bully xl puppy.
5.) Rest
The puppy places great importance on rest. Puppies typically sleep all day and only wake up to eat, relieve themselves, and play for a short while. The puppy won’t run around and play all day. You won’t go wrong if you treat your puppy the same way you would a newborn being brought home from the hospital. dachshund pronunciation.
6.) The Breeder
Nothing beats receiving quality guidance from a knowledgeable and seasoned breeder. Even though you may have only recently met your new puppy, your breeder has known that little one since birth. Any situations that the puppy has encountered while developing are known to the breeder. Furthermore, your breeder has worked with at least one of the parents of your puppy. The breeder is the best person to advise you on what is typical for your puppy. Your best resource for assistance and guidance should be your breeder. When seeking medical advice from online puppy groups or other non-medical professionals, please use caution .
7.) Diet
You should receive feeding instructions from your breeder that include the amount, timing, and type of food the puppy is on. Making abrupt dietary adjustments is NOT a smart idea. In the initial weeks, nothing changes. The dog already experiences enough stress from having to move away from its siblings, possibly travel to a new home, and deal with the excitement of meeting new people and surroundings. Diarrhea is often caused by puppy stress. Avoid making a dietary change too soon, as this can exacerbate the situation and confuse the veterinarian. For stress diarrhea, a small amount of canned pumpkin can be mixed into the dog’s meal. If you want to switch up the pup’s diet after a few weeks when they’ve settled in, do it gradually. Stir in some of the freshly prepared food. increasing the new diet’s quantity gradually until the transition is complete. American bully xl puppy.
8.) Socialization

You want to show everyone how gorgeous your baby is, but hold on! The immune system of your puppy is developing! You have to watch out for that baby for now. It’s not quite time to bring your dog to friends’ and family’s houses to meet their pets, visit puppy parks, pet stores, or meet-up groups. You will also need to restrict the number of visitors who bring pets, as difficult as that may be. Before putting your dog at risk of exposure, wait at least one month after their last puppy vaccination. Make the most of this time to teach your dog some basic manners, how to listen to you, and how to bond with you.
When it’s safe, everyone they go will be happy to have them as guests. Puppy classes are great ways to give the dog a safe and supervised environment in which to socialize with other dogs once it is ready to face the outside world. Think about becoming a member of a local breed club. There, you’ll have the chance to socialize with other puppy owners and take part in events and activities with like-minded individuals!

9.) Veterinarian Care

Finding a licensed veterinarian is something you should do PRIOR to bringing a new puppy home. Soon after the pup arrives at your house, reputable breeders will insist that you take it for a “well-baby check up” at your veterinarian. Ask your breeder if you are unaware of a veterinarian that treats Teacup Puppies in your area. A nationwide organization is the American Kennel Club (AKC). The BCA maintains a list of puppy specialists on their website, despite the fact that there are other excellent veterinary specialists. Like in any profession, there are some vets who prey on puppy owners by overcharging them for unnecessary examinations and services in an attempt to make extra money (scam).
Make a ton of inquiries. Having a veterinarian with experience in treating them is ideal, particularly for any upcoming surgical procedures like spaying or neutering. Bring the puppy’s immunization records, any worming information, and a stool sample (in a Ziploc bag works well) to the first veterinarian appointment. At the veterinarian’s office, NEVER put your bully puppy on the floor, and keep other animals and staff members from approaching or touching the dog. Many have not yet seen the veterinarian for a diagnosis because they are ill.

Best breeds puppies

Our main goal is to bring together healthy  puppies we Breed across the country to families ready to adopt and welcome them into their home at very affordable and fantastic prices
We take out time to observe and make sure our  puppies are up to standard, health wise before we can breed them. We make sure our bitch to breed from is calm, friendly, and gentle for breeding. 


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