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“Since 2015, we have been your clients, and every member of your staff is exceptional. Over the years, we have had several puppies; you guys are amazing!”

Mr. Richardson & family.

blue american bully xl

“The Best Breeds Kennel is amazing! They are incredibly kind and sweet to our dogs.”
Bowman G.

white american bully xl

“The greatest puppy kennel we have ever encountered is Best Breeds Kennel. They are genuine dog lovers who are also professional and affable. I knew my two dogs were in good hands. The Best Breeds Kennel provided me with updates and reduced the stress of being away from my babies. Thank you so so much best breeds.

Mrs. Eva Jones.

cream miniature dachshund

Extremely charming, considerate, and competent in every way! The fact that they produced our puppies is such a blessing! My all-time favorite kennel is Best Breeds.

Darlene .

all black american bully xl

The best breeds kennel is a dependable, amiable place and considerate. They are passionate about taking care of my puppy and I trust them because they did a great job before giving it to me in good condition.

Kathy M.

wire haired dachshund puppies

Is just adorable in the way they treated our puppies. After taking care of my “babies” for a few months, they truly proved to me that they are very skilled at what they do, and I can now fully trust them. I wholeheartedly endorse Best Breeds Kennel!

Terri Ann.

December 6, 2019 Shelley.
the best breeds are The best kennel I have ever known is Awesome Best Breeds. They have frequently looked after my dogs, and I hope they do so for many more to come.

miniature dachshund puppies for sale florida

My primary kennel for my baby boy is Best Breeds Kennel! They leave lovely notes, and I can travel knowing my puppy is in good hands! Many thanks, best breeds! You people are incredible.

L Turner.

american bully xl merle

26 August 2021 by Bill Linda
With our puppies, best breeds kennel is fantastic, and I feel more at ease knowing that my pet comes from them. They adore puppies, which is quite significant considering that one of our pets fears nearly everyone else but them.

July 21, 2023 by Kelley
They have a unique bond with dog breeds, which makes Great Service Guys Best Breeds great with them. Although my puppy was terrified of everyone, best breeds have won him over. For my pet’s daily walk, best breeds looks forward to seeing you once a week.

Nov 21, 2021 by Matthew
Well done.
Best Breeds has looked after our puppy on multiple occasions when we have traveled out of town, even though we are the ones who adopted him. We hope to work with you all again and again in the future.

dachshund chihuahua mix for sale

November 20, 2023 by Beth
My best choice puppy is Bully. He treats my child and cat as if they were his own because he is incredibly sensitive. I am incredibly grateful to Best Breeds Kennel for providing this amazing puppy.

merle american bully xl

September 23, 2023 by PJ Peter
Not to worry
Best Breeds constantly calls and inquires about our puppies, treating them as though they were still their own. We have been using the best breeds for the past seven years, and we are extremely pleased with the entire organization. Without the best breeds in our lives, we would have to give up on our vacations. I’m so grateful! Thank you so much!

long haired dachshund puppies

December 15, 2020 by Cecil Moon
reliable clients for more than six years. Over the years, we have had a number of pets come and go, but we have always trusted the best breeds kennel to look after our children. Best Breeds is a dependable and meticulous company. I’m not at all concerned. The best breeds spend time with our animals and check the house frequently to make sure nothing is leaking.
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english cream dachshund. english cream dachshund. english cream dachshund.

dachshund / american bully xl puppy breeders.

Our main goal is to bring together healthy  puppies we Breed across the country to families ready to adopt and welcome them into their home at very affordable and fantastic prices
We take out time to observe and make sure our  puppies are up to standard, health wise before we can breed them. We make sure our bitch to breed from is calm, friendly, and gentle for breeding. 


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Saturday: 9am – 4pm

Sunday: Closed

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